Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Canned Hunt

In 2006, a locally produced film called The 8th Plague was about to start a week long run at a single screen theater in Virginia. When I saw the trailer for the film, I was jealous and I was angry. Jealous because the quality was so far ahead of the work I had been doing and angry that I was moving out of state and wouldn't get a chance to work with the people who made it. But I always remembered the film and the names of the people involved. One of those people was John Michael Whalen, whose work on The 8th Plague earned him the best cinematography award at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. Since then, our paths have crossed and I now count him as friend, collaborator, and peer. All you have to do is talk with John for 5 minutes and you become acutely aware of one thing. The size of his love for film is enormous. His latest project is entitled Canned Hunt. Below is a synopsis.

Anton Doyle was a promising boxer in his day, who, at one point, had a great family and bright future. That was before gambling and drinking took over his life. Now, 35 years later, Anton stays on the same street corner drinking and panhandling. Most people who pass him don’t recognize him when they do make the effort to look at him, which is exactly why three white collar workers approach him with an offer. In exchange for letting them hit Anton once in the face to feel what it’s like to punch someone, they will gladly hand him a bottle of his favorite whiskey.  Desperate for another drink, Anton finally gives in and the situation spirals out of control. Anton is left in a bloody heap to die. The three who beat him have very little fear of prosecution, as they can’t imagine anyone spending too much time finding out who assaulted a homeless man. 
What they don’t know is that everyday Anton is given food by a young, up and coming boxer named Marshall who enjoys listening to his advice and stories from when he was a contender. When Marshall hears about what happened, he begins to track down those who wronged his friend and mentor.  

People who make movies tend to lead with their hearts and often get hurt because of it. Stabbed in the back. Maligned. But the most frustrating thing a filmmaker encounters is apathy. Canned Hunt deserves an audience. It needs fans and supporters. Please click the link below, watch the teaser trailer, and consider donating to the production if you are able.


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