Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boxing Day

4 years ago, I helped produce a $2000 feature film. A comedy called Boxing Day that was written & directed by Francis Abbey, a film school graduate I had met a few years prior. Since its completion, I've watched it at the American Film Institute theater in DC amongst hundreds of howling people and in the most depressing, ill equipped, makeshift film festival screening rooms. It won awards at festivals and received glowing reviews, but I never felt like it reached its potential. Today, Francis has decided to release the full movie online for free on YouTube so hopefully it will reach people who haven't had the chance to see it yet. We screened it just last week and it still makes me laugh.

Friday, March 30, 2012


This is what I watched in March a well as the complete first (and only) season of IFC's Film School and Season 6 of Lost. Mostly docs about wrestling as well as some women in prison movies.

3.1 Chasing Ghosts
3.2 The Hollywood Complex
3.3 Shut Up Little Man
3.4 Cave of Forgotten Dreams
3.5 Middle Men
3.6 The Thin Blue Line
3.7 The Reinactors/Small Town Gay Bar
3.8 Women In Cages
3.9 Caged Heat
3.10 Inferno
3.11 Primal Fear
3.12 The Cat O' Nine Tails
3.13 Flock of Dodos
3.14 Darkon
3.15 Demoniacs
3.16 The Backyard
3.17 Selling God
3.18 The Rise and Fall of WCW
3.19 Beyond the Mat
3.20 Half Nelson
3.21 The Bad Lieutenant
3.22 The Exorcist/Game Change
3.23 Film Geek
3.24 This Film Is Not Yet Rated
3.25 Thirst
3.26 Videodrome
3.27 Made/Swingers/The Happening
3.28 Revenge of the Electric Car
3.29 Misery/Sarah Palin: You Betcha
3.30 Project Nim
3.31 Popatopolis

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Here are the films I watched this month as part of my New Years Resolution. I watched mostly movies about the devil, the church, and evil in preparation for finishing Veil later in the month.

2.1 In a Glass Cage
2.2 Mimic
2.3 Highlander
2.4 All In the Game
2.5 Gone Forever
2.6 The Last Word (2008)
2.7 Twist of Faith
2.8 Playing Columbine
2.9 The God Who Wasn't There
2.10 Cronos
2.11 Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson/The Outsider/Deadlands: The Rising
2.12 Strangeland
2.13 The Devil's Bible/End of Days
2.14 City Lights
2.15 Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory/The Social Network
2.16 Shame
2.17 Megan is Missing
2.18 Human Centipede 2
2.19 The Astronaut Farmer
2.20 Contagion/Casino/Castaway
2.21 Battlefield Earth/The Fly
2.22 All the Presidents Men/The Silence of the Lambs
2.23 The Big Bird Cage
2.24 Midnight Cowboy/American Swing
2.25 Blood and Lace/The Room
The Dead Zone/The River Wild/The Lincoln Lawyer
Sideways/Babel/Jagged Edge
2.29 Confessions of a Superhero/Blow/Strictly Background