Friday, October 28, 2011

Save The Broke Filmmakers

This is a truncated version of the original Veil pitch video. It was scrapped after a month online in which it raised very little money for the campaign. We thought it was funny but replaced it with a more serious, straightforward, and sober video. People seems to prefer that and gave us more money. This video still makes me laugh so here it is.

30 Days

In 1999, a $20,000 horror film was made with a minimal crew and no stars. The Blair Witch Project was released and made $248,000,000. It became the most profitable film of all time.

In 2009, a $15,000 horror film was made with a minimal crew and no stars. Paranormal Activity was released and made $193,000,000. It has spawned a franchise that has gone on to generate half a billion dollars.

In November, we're going to make a horror film for $5000 with a minimal crew and no stars. The name of the film is Veil and we need your help. We have only 4 days left to raise the budget. Our campaign can be viewed @

When you make a donation of $5, your name will be listed in special thanks credits. $20 will get you an autographed DVD copy of the finished movie. Anyone making a $100 donation will receive a producer credit on the film.

Even if Veil doesn't become the next great horror film, you'll still be a part of something that will last forever. Many of you have already given generously and we thank you. Please continue to support the project by reposting the IndieGoGo link, joining the facebook fanpage, or passing along our pitch video.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

36 days

With 36 days until filming begins on "Veil" and 8 days left on the IndieGoGo campaign, I am reminded of a scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Late at night, Mike Damone (armed with a list of "People Who Owe Me Money") is desperately trying to scrape together enough dough to pay for half of Jennifer Jason Leigh's abortion. People have been extremely generous but we're still $3100 short of our $5000 budget. Please go to to contribute. Or else Judge Reinhold will run us over with the Cruising Vessel.

Week 6 NFL picks

Green Bay Packers (-8.5) over MINNESOTA VIKINGS
Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) over ARIZONA CARDINALS
OAKLAND RAIDERS (-3.5) over Kansas City Chiefs

Season 8-11-1

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

40 days

Principal photography on "Veil begins on November 26. The script has been cut to the bone to accommodate a 6 day shoot and a budget of only a few thousand dollars. Barring some 4th quarter heroics, our IndieGoGo campaign is going to fall a bit short of the $5000 goal. Our first experience with crowdfunding has been interesting. The idea of being accountable to people who have given you their money makes it impossible to give up or change your mind about making the movie. Casting has officially begun and I'm toying with the idea of posting some of the strangest responses on the blog.​veil​veil.html​pages/​Veil/​154047104689878?sk=wall